A Patent Hearing

After you have filed your patent sometimes objections are made. If these objections cannot be easily overcome, it maybe possible to request a hearing with the UK Intellectual Property office to try and resolve matters.

The hearing takes place in front of a hearing officer who is trained to be independent and to look at all sides of the arguments and they will make a final decision in the Office about your case. If you don’t agree with this decision you can then make an appeal. A hearing can also take place if you are in dispute over a patent.

There are two types of hearings:

1) Ex Parte

This is the name given to hearings held between a single party (either private individuals or firms) and the UKIPO.

2) Inter partes hearings

These are hearings held between 2 parties who are in dispute over something to do with a patent. In these hearings both sides will put their case to the hearing officer to make the decision.

It is always advisable to seek specialist legal assistance to assist with preparing your argument.

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