A new service by EURid announced against domain name abuses

Since 2016, The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and EURid – the registry manager of the .eu and .e? country trop level domains name – have been working in collaboration on a new project. This project is now disclosed to the European public.

The aim was to fight against the cybersquatting and bad faith domain name registrations which are widespread. When you decide to file a trade mark registration and then your application is published, there is a high risk that the domain name corresponding to your trade mark has been taken by third parties. The new service to fight against this nuisance is the following.

Trade mark owners and applicants will be able to choose a new option. That is a system of alert which will be sent to the applicant or the trade mark owner if someone tries to register an identical domain name.

That will enable applicants and owners of EU trade marks to take faster action against these bad faith domain name registrations. This is a revolution in comparison with the older tedious method which was check by themselves every time.

This announcement does not indicate the end of the collaboration between the EUIPO and EURid because a second letter of collaboration has been sighed at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting in Boston.

A situation worth watching…

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