A lawsuit which hit the entire computer industry with patent infringement claims has failed due to a missed deadline

A recent lawsuit which took on almost all of the whole computer industry has been dismissed before it could even take off, as a result of a missed deadline on the opening brief. The suit was filed by Mers Kutt, back in September 2019, as he was seeking £350 billion in damages against technology companies, financial firms, telecom providers and many more. Kutt is responsible for the development of the world’s first keyboard-based microcomputer, as released through his company Micro Computer Machines.

In his claim, the plaintiff insisted that the computers manufactured by the defendants included his patented technology to help them work faster. Kutt continued by claiming that the damages which were committed “far exceeded typical patent infringement damages” due to the occurrence of theft and breach of agreements. The defendants of the suit included international tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and more. However, the suit ensured to not only chase after the dominators, but to also accuse smaller computer companies, such as Acer, of patent infringement.

Most of the businesses targeted were very quick to file opposing orders, leading a judge to fully dismiss the entire case back in March 2020. Nevertheless, Kutt was eager to proceed with the mattet, thus appealed the latter decision, however in his failed attempt to file the brief by the deadline of July 2, the case was dismissed.

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