A bite out of the Apple: Another Patent lawsuit for Apple

Apple starts 2019 with more legal issues alongside its fall in profits.

Apple has been dealt a Patent lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas.

On Monday 25 February 2019, Optis Wireless Technology (‘Optis’) (an intellectual property company) and other plaintiffs filed a claim against Apple at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Optis has accused Apple of infringing its portfolio of seven patents that relate to its long term evolution (‘LTE’) (a standard of 4G wireless broadband technology that offers increased network capacity and speed in to mobile devices users).  It alleges that Apple did this through the sale of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and smart watch lines.

The other plaintiffs include Unwired Planet, PanOptic Panent Management in relation to their own portfolios relating to 3G and 4G technologies, but they are non-practicing entities.

In January 2017, the plaintiffs sent Apple some correspondence initiating their “good faith efforts”. This was done by the plaintiffs in the hopes of licensing their essential patents on fair, reasonable, and non-discrimination (‘FRAND’) agreement with Apple. However, Optis has stated that Apple failed to act in “good faith”.

Optis is now seeking damages in the form of reasonable royalties and a declaration stating that it acted in “good faith” and in compliance with the requirements of FRAND.Â

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