A beat is all it takes: Drake sued for copyright infringement

This case is not be the first music copyright claim involving a superstar musician this year and its likely to not be the last.

What can be said about this case however, it has certainly taken the quality over quantity argument to a whole new level.

Rapper Drake has been sued in the US, with a claim that he infringed the accusers copyright by sampling a singe beat without permission.

The action has been taken by Samuel Nicholas III, who is known as Sam Skully. He is the author and copyright owner of a beat called ‘Roll Call (Instrumental)’. This was published on a CD in 2000.

The claim states that the beat has been directly copied in the songs “Nice for What” and “In My Feelings” under the name ‘That beat’.

The claim is not just at Drakes door however, as it has been filed again 8 defendants all together, including Drake’s producers and DJ Big Freedia who also has tracks which include the alleged copied beat.

The accuser Sam Skully, doesn’t give any explanation as to how he believes Drake to have copied ‘Roll Call’ knowing that it is the same as ‘That Beat’, however he is claiming the profits, damages and costs, which is likely to add up to a dollar or two.

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