800th anniversary of Magna Carta marked with mock trial


To celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the Palace of Westminster is to host a mock trial of bishops and barons.

The bishops and barons will be put to trial to establsih whether their actions in 1215 could be justified in law.

A number of top figures in the legal industry will be involved as well as the well-known TV presenter and comedy writer Clive Anderson.

As this is a coming together of a number of nations in celebration, the judges conducting the trial will be Lord Neuberger, the president of the UK supreme court, Justice Stephen Breyer of the US supreme court, and Dame Sian Elias who is the Chief Justice of New Zealand.

Lord Neuberger gave comment on the event expressing that they “hope to offer a creative and interesting way of retelling the great Magna Carta story that encourages people to think about the battles of wills and principles that lay behind this world famous treaty”.

The event, organised by the Magna Carta 800th anniversary commemoration committee and the UK supreme court, will take place on Friday 31st July at Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster with follow up including the verdict on the UK supreme court website.Â



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