12 new issues for Intel: Patent infringement allegations.

Intel is a multinational corporation based in the US. It is the world’s second largest semiconductor chip manufacturer and created the world’s first commercial microprocessor chip in 1971. As a result, it may be surprising to some that an IP licensing company has accused Intel of infringing 12 of its patents relating to computer technology.

PactXXP Technologies filed a complaint at the US District Court of the Wester District of Texas, stating that their founder (Martin Vorbach) had designed a multi-core computer architecture prior to the release of Intel’s multi-core processor (it was released in 2011).

PactXXP Technologies allege that Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” chip architecture infringes their patents. Furthermore, as most of the computers that Intel sale incorporate this technology, if the court finds against Intel, there could be huge damages awarded to PactXXP Technologies.Â

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