$1 trillion achievement for Blockchain.com

Having been one of the first of its kind within cryptocurrency financial services, it comes as no surprise that Blockchain.com has recently surpassed $1 trillion (£730 billion) in online transactions.

Blockchain.com was originally founded in 2011, and was titled ‘Blockchain.info’ after its founder, Benjamin Reeves, wanted users to be able to track bitcoin transactions, rather than make them. However, Reeves suggested the idea of the site transforming into a payment platform for bitcoin transactions, which facilitated users’ digital wallets. He also wanted his users to have the option to exchange other currencies for bitcoins. By 2014, Blockchain.com was running as the most popular bitcoin wallet platform, and was being lead by CEO Nicolas Cary.

Known as one of the most trusted Cryptocurrency companies, Blockchain.com supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, all of which have helped the platform gain its 31 million users.

Active in 200 countries, one fifth of the site’s total transaction sum of $1trillion ($200 million / £146 million) was actioned in the past 6 months, demonstrating the extreme growth the site has had in recent months. It can be assumed that this is most probably thanks to the actors, actresses, musicians and artists who have introduced the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain.com for the promotion and sales of their work; influencing their fans and followers to begin using the platform as well.

With 76 million digital wallets currently in use, and with one third of the world’s bitcoin transactions taking place on Blockchain.com, CFO Macrina Kgil has expressed her happiness for this momentous occasion by explaining how the monumental feat is not just for them, but for the entire cryptocurrency industry, as it highlights the magnitude of interest in the digital asset obsession around the world.

In order to continue the platform’s growth, their next aim is to help their clients and users realise the value and benefit that exist within digital assets.

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