You will want to ‘Continue Watching’ this patent claim against Netflix

Netflix are certainly not strangers to IP, but this time they seem to be on the wrong side of the law.

The computer security company, Uniloc, have made a claim against the streaming giant, claiming that Netflix are infringing two fo their patents.

While the patents themselves are quite technical, the claim states the examples of their infringement are quite clear to see.

One highlighted in the ‘continue watching’ feature of Netflix which allows a user to revisit a tv show or film that they started to watch but did not finish. In addition, it is claimed that grouping the shows under categories such as ’Historical TV shows’ and ‘British TV shows’.

These features of Netflix are sure to be some of the reasons why people would choose their platform over others, therefore it is important that Netflix do not bury their heads in the sands with this as it could cause them problems in the future.

Uniloc are claiming triple damages and an injunction therefore it could certainly have an impact on Netflix if Uniloc are successful.

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