WIPO Launch New Patent Search

WIPO, the administrators of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has announced that from 01 January 2009 it will launch a new and enhanced Patent search facility.

The search will be called the ‘Supplementary International Search’ and results from Rule 45bis PCT.

WIPO have said that this will now give applicants the opportunity to have a more comprehensive search of the international database and furthermore, it will allow applicants to have a search conducted in other languages than the one used to file the application.

Amongst the ‘new’ languages are Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Danish.

The search will of course cost the applicant more (expected to be between 455 & 2826 Swiss Francs).

The added search facility can only be welcomed. With a high number of registered Patents being declared invalid on enforcement any measure allowing the applicant to ensure that its application fulfils the requirements of a Patent can only help avoid this.

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