Who actually owns the dance move ‘Flossing’? Fortnite battered again.

The famous dance move that every child and adult in the land have attempted at some point over the last two years is known to be associated with the game ‘Fortnite’. There have been a number of other claims made against Fortnite lately which have been reported by Lawdit. This latest lawsuit is from a 16 year old that claims ownership for the famous ‘Floss’ dance which is world renowned.

Russell Horning who is also known as the Backpack Kid had his first taste of stardom when he was fortunate to appear on the legendary Saturday Night Live Show alongside popstar Katie Perry of which he showed off his Flossing dance to millions of viewers.

The owners of Fortnite are Epic Games and Take two and they are getting a hammering in court as of late, after we reported the Fresh Prince of Bel Air god Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton, filed a suit against them for the use of his famous dance on the show.

The main legal issue with this claim is that when someone owns the copyright to, for example, a dance move, and it is passed off with no permission or accreditation for the original owner, there can be a claim for damages as well as a backdated percentage of the revenue gained.

Other stars have come forward with a claim of ownership as well, even if they have not yet filed a lawsuit like Russell Horning. A rapper called 2 Milly has claimed that Fortnite have infringed on his dance move ‘Milly Rock’ without permission. Also, artists like Chance has come forward to criticise the sneaky way that the game removes tracks that are associated with dance moves to avoid giving the artists recognition.

If in fact Fortnite have made a slip up and not recognised other people’s intellectual property to this degree, the legal costs and damages awarded could add up in to the millions of dollars of pay-outs.

It will be interesting to see how the above lawsuits play out as to whether it will set a precedent for future claims in this regard.

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