What is not a design?

The term ‘design’ is used rather flippantly. However, it is important to know when something

cannot qualify as a ‘design’.

In the United Kingdom, in order to register a design, and to qualify for the registered design
right which lasts for 25 years, you need,

· A design

· Novelty

· Individual character

· And it must not be EXCLUDED from registration, i.e,

– A component part of a complex product ( a product which is composed of at least 2
replaceable component parts permitting disassembly and reassembly of the product) not visible
during normal use.

– Purely functional designs, i.e. they must have some aesthetic purpose.

– The interface exception, e.g. excludes designs which require a mechanical connection
to the product.

– Designs contrary to public policy or the accepted principles of morality.

– Certain emblems.

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