What is a Business Tenancy?

What is a Business Tenancy?

A tenancy is defined as possession or occupancy of land, buildings, or other property by title, under a lease or on payment of rent.

The term of the tenancy can be for pretty much any period of time.

Business tenancies (excluding agricultural matters, as different rules apply to them) usually provide a business tenant with a statutory right at the end of a tenancy for the tenant to remain in their premises and to have their tenancy renewed. If the Landlord does not allow this then the tenant can in fact apply to the County Court for such right.

Landlors can however agree with the tenant at the start of the business tenancy that the business tenancy will not be afforded the statutory protection. Business tenancies that do not have the protection are often referred to as ‘excluded tenancies’ or ‘Outside the Act’ (the Act being the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954). It is also worth noting that Business Tenancies that have a short term are also not protected.

Broadly speaking the law that applies to Business Tenancies is the same as for any other type of tenancy.

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