What are the Best and Worst Inventions Ever?

The Patent Office recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. To mark the occasion the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Today’ held a poll and invited listeners to vote for the best and worst inventions of all time chosen from a short list.

The poll received over 5,000 votes and some of the results are as follows: Â

The best invention with 70% of the vote was the bicycle. The worst invention was held to be Nuclear Weapons with 31.5% of the vote.

Other interesting results regarding favourite inventions include the Internet which gained 3.5% of the vote, penicillin which gained 4.5% of the vote and the computer which also received a relatively low score of 4.5%.

The worst inventions included the speed camera which received 7.5% of the vote, landmines which gained 21.5% of the vote and mobile phones which got 7%of the vote.

 One purpose this poll does achieve despite the above results is that it ultimately highlights all of the invaluable inventions which have contributed to today’s society and how the Patent Office has been instrumental in ensuing that not only are inventions protected but that also innovation is encouraged.

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