Website owners- minimum information that should be provided

The U.K. E-commerce Regulations which came into force in the country on 21st August 2002 require service providers to reveal minimum information which should be easily accessible. It does not matter whether or not the service providers deal with e-commerce matters or not.

  • The name of the service provider should be clearly mentioned on the website which could be easily accessible.
  • Apart from the contact us form, the email address of the service provider should be there on the website.
  • The geographic address of service providers must be stated on the website. For a business or company, their registered address and companys registration number should also be present.
  • If business is registered for VAT that should also be stated on the website.
  • If business is a member of any professional body then the details of their membership should also be stated.
  • Prices on the website should be clearly mentioned and must not be ambiguous.

Last but not least, please follow the guidelines provided by the Distance Selling Regulations which contain other information requirements for on-line businesses that sell to consumers.

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