‘We Can’t Stop’ $300 million lawsuit stop Miley Cyrus in her tracks

From child star to pop star, Miley Cyrus has had an interesting journey to where she is now, to say the least.

But one constant has always been music, becoming one of the most successful young popstars of today.

However, a spanner has been thrown into the works of her success train, as an eyewatering $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit has been filed against her.

The suit centres on her 2013 hit ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Jamaican musician Michael May, who performs as Flourgon, has claimed that Cyrus’s hit copies 50% of his song ‘We Run Things’ which was a No1 hit in Jamaica in 1988.

Last year, he protected his work and won ‘formal copyright protection’ for the musical arrangements for the 1988 song with the US Copyright Office.

It is on the basis of this protection, he is basing his copyright infringement claim against Miley and her Song owned music label, RCA Records.

The suit does not specify damages, but May’s lawyers have released that it is a $300 million lawsuit. May also requests the halting of all sales and performances of the hit.

With the suit only being filed this week, there is still some time to go before decisions are made, but yet again it highlights that your favourite pop stars are not as original as they may seem.

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