Warning letters are not working

The guardian today reports that sending warning letters to those people accused of filesharing will do little to stop them from continuing with the activity. According to the 2009 Digital Entertainment Survey only a third of users consider the letters a deterrent. However if their internet connection was to be cut off 4 out of 5 said they would cease the activity.

The survey was carried out by Wiggin media lawyersa. Simon Baggs the litigation partner was quoted in the Guardian as saying “The findings of this report show that letter-sending alone will not be enough and that much more needs to be done if there is to be a real reduction in unlawful file-sharing”.

Carphone Warehouse’s boss Charles Dunstone portrayed the ongoing battle with a Tom and Jerry cartoon: “The mouse always wins in this battle and we need to be careful that politicians do not get talked into putting legislation in place that, in the end, ends up looking stupid” he said. This was in response to the Secretary of State’s comments regarding the future of filesharing and the three steps you are out proposals which he rejected.

The survey suggested that “Only a quarter of the 1,500 internet users polled would consider paying for TV, a fact that may be connected with the runaway success of the BBC iPlayer. Only 13% of respondents had not heard of the iPlayer, A third of them, in contrast, had never heard of Channel 4’s catch-up service, 4oD”.

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