US Patent Office Ruling Against NTP

BlackBerry email service provider RIM has announced that the US patent office has ruled against two more NTP patents in their fight over the popular service.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued “non-final actions” rejecting claims for two NTPÂ patents involved in the dispute with RIM, which has faced a shutdown of its service in the US.

RIM claims that the latest rulings corroborate their long-standing contention that the NTP patents are invalid and that the Patent Office is acting with special dispatch to address the court’s concern and the public interest.

Closely held NTP, a patent holding company, successfully sued RIM for patent infringement in 2002. It later won an injunction, stayed pending appeal, to halt sales of RIM’s BlackBerry device and service in the US.

Now, with the court appeal process almost exhausted, RIM has moved closer to a possible shutdown in the US.

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