UK to become member of Hague System post-Brexit

An announcement from the UK Intellectual Property Minister Jo Johnson, has allowed the UK design owners to take a sigh of relief.

At present, the UK is part of The Hague system which allows the direct filing of a design with WIPO as being part of the EU.

However, Post Brexit, it was unclear if the UK would remain as part of The Hague design system.

It has been announced that from 6th April 2018, the UK will be a member to the system in its own right.

Therefore, the UK will be able to launch its own direct filing service with WIPO, therefore allowing designers to gain protection in a number of countries through one application. This system mirrors the Madrid System, which allows international registration of trade marks.

However, unlike the Madrid system, there will be no requirement to have a national registered design before moving towards the registration of international registration, and multiple designs can be included in the one application provided they all fall under the Locarno classification, which acts in the same way as the classes for the registration of a trade mark.

This is a positive step as it resolves any potential issues for registered design holders who may have lost access to The Hague System following the UK’s exit from Europe.

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