UK-IPO joins fight against cross-border IP crime

The UK-IPO has thrown its considerable weight behind an initiative to help fight cross-border intellectual property related crime.

This new initiative was developed by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) in conjunction with the International Association of Prosecutors and is to be enacterd by the Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network (GPEN).

The minister of state for higher education and intellectual property stated: “IP crime is a serious economic crime which needs to be tackled on a worldwide basis. The GPEN initiative provides an ideal opportunity to address this…this will ensure prosecutions are effectively managed and enforcement agencies can take informed decisions on targeting the criminal network.”

GPEN itself describes its need because: “There is a global need for training and standardisation of legal and procedural standards in dealing with e-crime matters,”. Now it appears that this is thought to include intellectual property, unfortunately the new initiative is not due to become active until January so we will have to wait to see if it has any effect!

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