U2 ‘Stuck in the Middle and They Cant Get Out of It’

Pop group U2 have found themselves entangled in an on-going legal battle between a multi-media firm and the creators of the ipod, Apple.

U2 have recently acquired a $2.8 million share in ‘Burst.com’ and have subsequently found themselves stuck in the middle between ‘Burst.com’ and Apple who produce the ipod of which U2 endorse.

The two companies are in dispute about the technology used in the ipod. Burst.com claim that they own the intellectual property rights in various mechanisms used within the audio player and subsequently Apple have counter-sued for an invalid claim.

The matter is even more complicated for the Irish band as Apple has recently released a U2 Special Edition which has been extremely successful.

Whist U2 find themselves in a difficult position, it could be argued that there allegiance to both companies could lay the path for an agreement between the two to avoid lengthy legal proceedings, however currently this seems unlikely.

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