Tyra Banks files 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Tyra Banks files 10 million dollar lawsuit

Former super model Tyra Banks has filled a million dollar lawsuit against 10 wig companies in the U.S that she claims have infringed her registered trade marks.

She currently owns the CTM ‘The Tyra Banks Company’ registered in relation to 11 different classes of goods across the EU, this mark was registered in February this year.

The companies currently being pursued by Tyra in the U.S have not only infringed her trade marks but are also using her pictures on the packaging for the wigs! Cheeky!

Tyra intends to obtain an injunction to stop the sale of the infringing products and is claiming at least 10 million U.S dollars in compensation.

Celebrity names as trade marks in the U.K Â Â Â Â

A soaring number of celebrities in the U.K have registered a number of trade marks comprised of their names in various classes, including David Beckham, Katie price, Catherine Zeta Jones, Robbie Williams, Jamie Oliver and Alan Titchmarsh. (Alan has his name registered in 12 different classes!).

The purposes of the registrations are to enable the celebrities to bring legal action against traders selling counterfeit products that the celebrities have not endorsed such as Tyra above.

Legal proceedings for trade mark infringement of a celebrities name in the U.K are rare, not only do the celebrities make millions from music and TV, they also do great selling everyday products such as make up and gardening tools thanks to our celebrity obsessed society!

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