The world’s youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner, files to trademark an everyday phrase after recent internet craze.

Kylie Jenner has been a trending topic, over the past two weeks across social media, as she showed off her vocal skills to the whole world. In an office tour video, the Kylie Cosmetics owner is seen singing the phrase ‘Rise and Shine’ to daughter Stormi, aged 1. With this being a side to the mogul most don’t see, it made the video go viral, with many remakes as well as shares of the clip.

The 22 year old celebrity was quick to realise the popularity of the short clip and went as far as having hoodies from her brand ‘The Kylie Store’ marked with the phrase, selling at £50 a piece, just two days after the internet popularised the video. Shortly after, Kylie filed to have the said phrase trademarked, causing much controversy, with even fans not sticking up for Jenner. Claiming ownership of the everyday commonly used phrase, in order to help her build up more money is a big reason as to why most don’t appear most pleased with the potential trademark.

She has several trademarks up to date, including her own name. It is safe to say that the most bizarre one would be that of ‘Rise and Shine’ and whether it will be approved is yet to be announced. This could arise a likelihood of confusion, depending on how the trademark is used.

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