Eric Clapton copyright controversy: beware of crushing the underdog

Possessing IP rights gives the rightsholder a way of enforcing their ownership against the world. Although this is a powerful tool against the unauthorised exploitation of another’s intellectual property, it can also be seen as excessive in certain situations. Such a situation arose when Eric Clapton sought to protect the copyright in a German court […]

Here We Go Again: M&S Claims IP Infringement Against Aldi

Earlier this year, M&S issued proceedings against Aldi stating that its version of the chocolate caterpillar (Cuthbert), stating that its version was highly similar to its chocolate caterpillar cake (Collin). Please access the following link for further information on this: It seems that the budget food retailer Aldi has not learned its lesson and […]

Why a trade mark can be a great investment in 2021

With the pandemic affecting face-to-face trade, businesses have had to embrace social media to adapt. Having a trade mark that distinguishes your brand online is something that can value to your business.