T-Series has accused Roposo of copyright infringement

Short-video app, Roposo, has just been hit with an infringement lawsuit from India’s biggest music label, T-Series. The latter company are seeking an injunction to prevent the video app from utilising any content protected by copyright, after allegations of wilful infringement. T-Series state in their suit that Roposo is generating revenue through unauthorised musical content, which can be accessed by a user in the ‘Music Library’, consisting of T-Series’ music.

This left the company in a position to financially benefit from users utilising the content protected by copyright, without having to pay a license fee to T-Series. Roposo’s popularity increased in India after their ban of TikTok, witnessing a staggering jump from 5.5 million to 13.2 million downloads in the space of one week. Therefore, it is no wonder that T-Series were quick to ensure the giant was not going to pursue the use of unauthorised music for much longer.

T-series were involved in a similar dispute last year, as they found social media platform named ShareChat to be utilising their music without a license. This matter was only settled days ago, with the signing of a licensing deal, leaving ShareChat to legally use the music they provide. However, that may not be the end result for the current matter, as T-series are seeking an injunction against the defendant. However, it is likely Rosposo will do everything in their power to keep their Music Library even if it means paying damages on top of a licensing fee. This could potentially sway T-Series into entering a licensing deal, similarly to their now-resolved dispute with ShareChat.

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