Swift wants to ‘Shake off’ yet another copyright claim

Becoming one of the best known popstars certainly has its perks but it seems the pop superstars of today are hitting a bum note when it comes to copyright.

A number of big names such as Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have been on the receiving end of copyright claims.

One star who has also had her fair share of copyright swipes is Taylor Swift, and this doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

In September 2017, two songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler filed a claim for copyright infringement against Taylor Swift in relation to her hit song ‘Shake it off’.

They initially claimed that the song was similar in respect of lyrics and musical sequences to their song ‘Players Gon’ Play’.

They have since amended this to state there is no similarity in regards to the music but approximately 20% of the lyrics infringe their copyright protection. This specifically is in relation to the phrases including ‘playas, they gonna play/And haters, they gonna hate’.

Hall and Butler claim that the copyright protected lyrics require a license for their use which was not acquired by Swift.

Swift has hit back at this claim and has filed a motion to dismiss the claim stating that the phrases in question are not protected as expressions by copyright.

It will be interesting to see if the motion to dismiss to granted or whether this copyright claim has legs.

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