Substantial financial support from UK public launches libel action against Farage

After over 14,000 people had donated through a crowdfunding page, charity ‘Hope not Hate’ has issued legal action against MEP Nigel Farage after his comments against the charity.

The basis of Farage’s claim accused the charity of pursuing ‘violent and undemocratic means’ which goes against the charity’s campaigning ethics of which they focus on racial and religious harmony.

The comments in question were made by Farage on Nick Ferrari at Breakfast programme on national radio. The comments were made the day after the terrorist attack at a Christmas market in Berlin.

When commenting on the events previously through twitter, Nigel blamed the attack on Germany Prime Minister Angela Merkel and claimed it was ‘no surprise’.

In response to this tweet, husband of murdered MP Jo Cox Brendan Cox, tweeted to Farage “@Nigel_Farage blaming politicians for the actions of extremists? That’s a slippery slope Nigel.”

His appearance on the radio show was the following day, in which he was asked about Brendan Cox’s response to Farage.

To 1 million listeners, his reply was “Yes, well of course he would know more about extremists than me, Mr Cox. He backs organisations like Hope not Hate, who masquerade as being lovely and peaceful, but actually pursue violent and undemocratic means.”

After receiving an influx of abuse and accusations in relation to Farage’s comments about them, Hope to Hate requested a public apology and a retraction of the original statement from Nigel, which was ignored.

Following this ignorance, and a surge in support from the public, the charity has taken it one step further and issued a libel claim against Farage. The damages claim attached to the libel argument is seeking between £50,000 and £100,000.

The charity know that the claim will not dent Farage financially but hopes it will send a message that a person with his position should not be spreading lies and making damaging statements which could affect other organisations dramatically.

As this claim has only just been filed, there is no news of its development as of yet, but it is clear that Farage and his mouth will yet again be in the spotlight, whether it will be beneficial or damaging to him is yet to be seen.

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