Sony takes on DC Comics for TM ‘Zero Hour’ invalidation

Tech giant Sony has taken another big name, DC Comics, over a trade mark registered in 1995.

The mark in question ‘Zero Hour’ was registered by DC Comics for a series of comics released the following year, which detailed a crossover between some of their main characters including Batman and Superman.

Fast forward to 2019, Sony filed an application for ‘Firewall Zero Hour’ for a PlayStation game. The application was refused by the US Trade Mark Office on the grounds that it conflicted with DC’s earlier registered mark.

In an attempt to fight this, Sony have hit back with a cancellation petition, which seeks to have DC’s mark cancelled on the grounds that DC has not shown sufficient use of the mark in the period since it was registered, as the 1995 series has not been continued.

There is no official word of response from DC Comics as of yet, but it will be interesting to see two big players up against each other!

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