Sony re-mix competition sparks copyright infringement takedowns


A competition run by Sony to create a re-mix of One Direction’s song ‘Steal my girl’ is backfiring as they are taking down the re-mix uploads for copyright infringement.

Sony advertised this competition on behalf of the band stating that they were looking for UK re-mixers and producers to create a re-mix of the song and upload it to Soundcloud. This led to an influx of entries including one from UK producer and songwriter, Lee Adams. You can imagine his surprise when he was told his re-mix would be taken down as Soundcloud detected copyright infringement. Adams had entered the competition assuming copyright infringement would not be at issue as the competition was being run by Sony themsleves.

When Lee Adams reminded Soundcloud of the competition, they still maintained it was copyright infringement. Adams did get his re-mix reinstated by going through the competition organisers acting on Sony’s behalf, only to have it removed once more citing copyright infringement.

It seems that if Lee Adams is having a problem uploading then a large number of other budding re-mixers are also having trouble. This is only backfiring for Sony who will have a competition with no entries and a number of disgruntled music lovers reluctant to enter anything organised by Sony again.

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