Solexa’s IP Portfolio Growing

The company Solexa has acquired new patent additions to its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. Â

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has given notice of allowance to Solexa of key claims of a patent application covering the use of reversibly labeled terminators in Sequencing-by-Synthesis.

Solexa has also revealed that it has a set of early patents in the area of reversible-terminator chemistry. These U.S. patents predate Solexa’s own work in the area of reversible terminators. Â The acquisition of these key early patents lends to Solexa’s strategy to identify and acquire key intellectual property to complement its internal IP development in the field.

The company’s portfolio includes patents applicable to single molecule arrays, amplified clusters of single molecules, and other multi-molecule array formats including beads, and provides broad coverage over a range of techniques applicable to the development of next-generation genetic analysis systems using Sequencing-by-Synthesis.

Over the past year Solexa has made substantial progress in developing its IP portfolio in single-molecule and Clonal-Single-Molecule Array technology. Recently granted U.S. patents are based on the seminal work conducted by Solexa, as well as by its scientific founders at the University of Cambridge, England, and members of its scientific advisory board.

Solexa provides genomics, genetics, and proteomics technologies to assist the development efforts of customers in the pharmaceutical and agricultural biotechnology market.

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