Smiles all round as Kardashian West and Urban Outfitters ‘selfie’ patent claim settled

Being the self confessed queen of selfies, it was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian West released a product to aid such activity.

In conjunction with fashion retailor Urban Outfitters, Kim designed and produced the LuMee phone case, as an official partner of LuMee.

The cases include a light which aids the user in taking the perfect selfie.

However, not everyone was on board as SnapLight filed a patent infringement claim against Kim’s company and Urban Outfitters, claiming that the LuMee cases infringes SnapLight’s patent which is an “Integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device”.

The claim was made following SnapLight’s struggle to compete with the LuMee product which became a popular product due to its connection with Kardashian West.

After the claim was filed last year, last week a motion to dismiss was filed by the three parties involved citing that a settlement agreement had been made.

There has been no details of the settlement published but with the LuMee cases still available to buy, it seems that a compromise was agreed.

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