Singer Meat Loaf Sues in Trade Mark Dispute

The singer Meat Loaf is suing his former songwriting partner Jim Steinman for trying to claim the rights to the phrase “Bat Out of Hell,” the title to his hit album series, according to his attorney.

The suit was filed Monday in Federal Court in Los Angeles and charges that Steinman unfairly filed for a patent for the phrase in 1995, even though the singer had used it extensively since the first “Bat Out of Hell” album was released in 1977. The announcement of the suit comes just as the singer is preparing to release his third album of the series “Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose.”

Meat Loaf’s attorney claims that the law protects the user of the mark and the only user is Meat Loaf. Steinman maintains that the trademark in America is owned by him, claiming he came up with the phrase, wrote the song sung by Meat Loaf that included it and came up with the idea of the trilogy.

The first two “Bat Out of Hell” albums, which were released in 1977 and 1993 respectively, posted combined sales of 52 million albums worldwide.

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