Sarah Palin faces lawsuit over Facebook photo

US politician Sarah Palin has been sued by a New Jersey newspaper in the United States for copyright infringement, the newspaper claims that she used a photograph taken in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks without permission. The picture has apparently been used to promote Sarah Palin and her political party.

The photo depicts three New York City firefighters hoisting an American flag among the rubble at the World Trade Centre. Palin’s Political Action Committee (PAC) decided to use the photo on Facebook to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the attacks, however, they failed to obtain permission for use of the image from the copyright owner, a North Jersey media group.

The media group admits that they did not want to file the lawsuit, but were forced to take legal action when neither Palin nor her PAC responded to a takedown letter. The lawsuit filed in Manhattan over the copyright infringement requests a Federal Court to prevent the use of the image on the political parties website and Facebook page. The claimants also seek to recover damages.

By Deborah Ammaturo, an Italian Law Student on Work Experience at Lawdit

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