Samsung Still Going Strong

Samsungs success amongst never-ending legal battle.

Although their disputes with Apple seem to be dragging on to say the least, Samsung have released figures that seem to show that their sales havent suffered as a result of the decision in their legal case.

Samsung were order to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages; but it seems neither company is happy with the result. Whilst Apple want more damages as well as a permanent ban on the US sales of 8 different models of Samsung phones, Samsung themselves want a complete retrial. Their argument for this? That one jury member was sued by an employer in 1993 in whom Samsung now owns a stake. This is, unsurprisingly, unlikely to succeed according to Christopher Carani, a patent lawyer in Chicago.

Samsung seems to be moving on though, evidently pushing the sales of their products over the Christmas period. Their sales were up in the last quarter, selling 7.9 million units, with this being a staggering increase from just one year ago where they sold just 2.2 million units. This, in turn, brought their share of the market up to 15.1% which consequently brought Apples down to 43.6% – talk about coming back stronger than before!

The whole market seemed to enjoy a surge of purchases during the last quarter of 2012, with the number of global shipments of tablets increasing by a huge 75% to a record 52.5 million units(BBC).

Everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon in an attempt to cash in on this abundant market, with Microsoft introducing their Surface tablets, powered by Microsoft 8.

This may be a result of the decline in purchases of personal computers, which experience a bigger decline than they had seen in 5 years. They may just not be what society is looking for in our forever-evolving world; we constantly need smaller, more mobile and quicker, are personal computers keeping up with this?

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