Samsung Set to Enforce Patent

Samsung has launched a legal battle against Matsushita over patented technology used in the production of flat screen televisions.

 The suit which is being filled in the United States of America follows months of unsuccessful negotiations between the two companies.

 The impending battle between these electronic companies is far from unexpected. It follows various other incidences where manufactures of flat screen televisions have gone head to head in an ever increasingly competitive market. These incidences include a clash between Samsung and Fujitsu.Â

The patent claim revolves around the use of a specific ‘PDP’ or plasma display panels which Samsung claim infringe nine of their patents.

It is argued that this matter will probably be resolved with an award of damages and a cross-licensing pact between the two companies. This was indeed the case when Matsushita entered into a legal battle with LG, another manufacturer of flat screen televisions.

 This case identifies the importance of intellectual property to a competitive market especially one which have tight profit margins and many leading companies. To be awarded the rights in something so essential to the production of such a product gives the owner an undoubted advantage.

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