Registered Community Designs – Basic information

Since 2003 over 200,000 community designs have been registered. They offer a cheap and quick method of protecting your IP.

The following can be registered as a design:

The appearance of an industrial product (including packaging, get-ups/presentations, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces), or part of it, can be protected. This refers to lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the item itself, or its ornamentation. In order to be subject to protection, such an item has to be new and have individual character.

Applying for an RCD is very easy and can be done by mail, fax or electronically. The fee payable to the OHIM is 350 EURO’s (plus any legal fees applicable). Once this fee has been paid the OHIM examines the design, it is then published and finally registered.

In fact only 2% of applications are refused!

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