Puma issues multi IP claim against Forever 21 ‘Fenty copies’

Puma, sportwear giant, has recently collaborated with popstar Rhianna to create a release a line of footwear under the name ‘Fenty’.

This line of footwear designs includes some of the most upcoming and popular shoe designs including creepers and sliders.

With their innovative designs, the level of demand for these shoes has been off the scale with many designs selling out within minutes of their release.

This level of popularity was sure to attract some copycats.

Step forward notorious copycat retailer Forever 21.

Responding to this blatant copying, Puma have issued a number of claims against the retailer.

Puma’s claim states that Forever 21 has copied the designs for their Creeper shoe, the Fur Slide and the Bow Slide. In relation to these products Puma states there has been trade dress and copyright infringement.

In relation to specifically the Creeper, Puma has issued a design patent infringement claim.

The claim focused on the argument that there had been a blatant copying of their designs and that Forever 21 were trying to ‘ride on the coattails’ of the Fenty Line’s major success for their own gain.

Puma has also submitted evidence that the striking similarities have been noticed by the industry and it has induced confusion between the claimant and defendant’s products for customers.

Puma are seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctive relief as well as an account for all profits made and a level of damages resulting from Forever 21’s ‘wrongful acts’.

One to keep an eye on, this may spell the end for Forever 21.

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