Prince Sues Facebook

The pop icon Prince is suing fans who posted his live performances on Facebook and other blogs for the princely sum of £605,000 each!

The singer filed a copyright lawsuit on the 16th January in the Northern District of California, targeting 22 individuals that he believes have committed “Massive infringement and bootlegging” of his copyrighted works.

Two of the defendants have been released as Dan Chodera and Karina Jindrova while other have been simply referenced as ‘Doe ‘and others known by their website names.

Prince’s lawyers have discovered over 360 links to his copyrighted works on one website alone, which he states will continue to cause substantial and immediate and irreparable injury that cannot adequately be remedied by the courts. This isn’t the first time the singer has come up against piracy, in 2007 he filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against The Pirate Bay however this time he is bypassing the websites and targeting the fans directly.

Many fans are unsupportive of his new venture indicating that the effort will be in vein and will only hurt his reputation further, and that greed is getting the better of him.

Will Prince reduce piracy or damage his reputation?

Well probably not as Prince is only seeking to protect his music and image and after it is a sign of the times-hi ho


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