Potential Patent problems for Lego

Toy giant Lego has potential problems after another toy manufacturer has started proceedings claiming that Lego has infringed two of their registered patents.

FigureFun has made the claim in the US against Lego’s subsidiary, Lego Systems.

The patents under scrutiny are US patent numbers 7,001,276, titled “Gaming machine and server therefor”, and 7,338,377, called “Token with built-in IC chip”.

The claim states the two patents were infringed by new product Lego Dimensions especially through the construction of the characters in the game.

FigureFun alleges patent infringement and has asked for damages, royalties, interest, costs and expenses.

This is one to watch for all you avid gaming fans!

Lawdit Solicitors are here to help with any infringement issues you may have, get in touch!

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