Pirates Crippling UK Software Industry

A report by the Business Software Alliance has identified vast amounts of software piracy being conducted by United Kingdom businesses.

It is estimated that this problem is costing the UK IT industry £1 Billion each year. Â

The Alliance states that there exists a ‘hardcore’ of businesses which run illegal software.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to the UK and is common world wide.

Worldwide losses from software piracy exceeded £18 Billion last year.

The BSA has attributed some of the cause of the problem to the increase of broadband internet speeds in the United Kingdom making it easier to copy software.

In an attempt to tackle this problem, the BSA have requested larger fines be placed on firms which use counterfeit software.

Furthermore, large software companied such as Microsoft has started to fight their corner by pursuing offenders and suing them in a civil action.

This phenomenon outlines once again the widespread problem of copyright infringement fuelled by the internet.

With software, music, films and games becoming quicker and easier to download and use, the corresponding industries will soon buckle under the weight if no remedy is found and found soon.

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