Pharrell Williams’ lawyer Threatens YouTube With legal proceedings

Irving Azoff an American lawyer who is well known in the industry for representing some of the biggest musicians in the world has warned YouTube that they face the prospect of a $1billion dollar lawsuit unless they remove 20,000 videos by artists including Pharrell Williams and dozens of other musical superstars.


It is reported that Irving Azoff and his newly formed company Global Music Rights are thought to be representing around 40 music stars. Azoff has advised YouTube that they do not have performance rights for the concerned 20,000 songs, further YouTube have been warned that the lack of licence may form the basis of a $1billion dollar lawsuit. Azoff states he is singling out YouTube as opposed to other file sharing sites “because they are the ones that have been least cooperative and our clients feel are the worst offenders. It’s also their attitude”


Google the owner of YouTube reject the claims made by Global Music Brands and insist that they do have the correct rights for the public performances of the videos due to previous deals and are therefore refusing to remove the contested music. In response to this Irving Goff alleges that YouTube may have negotiated deals with the record deals, but they have not negotiated any deals with the artists themselves.

Written by Fozia Cheychi – A Work Experience Student

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