Paypal v Pandora Media: settled

Back in May, it was reported on the Reading Room, that Paypal had taken trade mark action against Pandora Media over their logo change.

Paypal argued that Pandora Media’s new logo was infringing their blue blocky double ‘P’ logo which had been in use since 20114.

Pandora had previously been using a narrow stylised P logo, but following their rebrand in October 2016, they opted for a blue block logo which was suspiciously similar to the font of Paypal’s mark.

In PayPal’s claim for trade mark infringement and dilution, filed on 19th May 2017, they stated “the similarities between the logos are striking, obvious, and patently unlawful”.

Six months after the claim had been made, the parties have reached a settlement.

In a move that is growing in popularity, instead of allowing the dispute to progress to a full court battle, the parties have reached a compromise agreement between them.

The details of this agreement is not known and will likely be never released as in many cases settlement agreements are kept confidential.

With the court claim dismissed, it seems its another trade mark dispute with a happy ending for both parties.

If only they can all end like that!

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