Patents and Your Website

  • Before launching website content i.e. software or business methods you should search to ensure that it is not already patented, otherwise you risk infringing third party patents. This can take a long time and so should be started at an early stage in the process.
  • Before launching any potentially patentable website content you should be looking into the possibilities of protecting it with a patent. Not only will this protect your work from being copied it will also increase the market valuation of the company as a whole. The patent process though can be a long, laborious and expensive process, as such legal advice should be sought before any applications are made.
  • Consider the costs of a patent in the research and development process, as an invention without patent protection can in many senses be considered worthless.
  • You should be maximising the value of your patents by considering licensing them to others.
  • Vigorously monitor competitors sites to ensure they are not infringing your rights.
  • As with all intellectual property if you find an infringement do not delay in making them aware of your rights and be prepared to take further action if necessary.

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