Patent Treaty Ratified By UK

The United Kingdom has ratified a patent treaty that proposes to streamline and simplify the patent registration and maintenance processes.

The treaty that is set to come into force in the UK on 26th March this year, was adopted by the members of the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2000 and was subsequently ratified by 10 countries in April 2005.

The purpose of the treaty is to harmonise and simplify the procedural element of patent registration and maintenance so as to create an overreaching scheme that applies to all states that have ratified the treaty.

Patent laws per se will not be altered it is only the administration of patents that will become harmonised in the consenting states.

Currently under the UK scheme inventors can fall foul to the bureaucratic process of patent registration and consequently may fail to obtain a patent for their respective inventions. Moreover said rules varied depending on the country where protection was sought however the treaty harmonises and simplifies the rules for all countries that are party to the agreement.

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