Patent Renewal Fee Payments Simplified

As of the 1 October 2005, the UK Patent Office has simplified periods for paying renewal and late payment fees in an attempt to bring UK patent procedures in line with other EU member states.

As from the 1 October all periods will end on the last day of the relevant month, therefore Patent owners will need to file Patent Form 12/77 in time in order to maintain the validity of their patent.

The Patent Office reminds patent owners that renewal fees are payable annually on the fifth year from the filing of the patent application. Therefore the renewal payment must be paid on the last day of the month of the anniversary of the filing date. This would mean that if the application was filed on the 15 June the payment date will be on 20 June.

The Patent Office says:

“The renewal fees fall due in the three months ending with the renewal payment due date starting with the fourth anniversary of the filing of the application. However, if your patent is granted later than 3 years 9 months from the filing date the first renewal fee must be paid within three months of the end of the month during which the patent is granted together with any unpaid renewal fees starting  with the fifth year. After this initial payment, renewals for the following years will fall due in the three months ending with the renewal payment due date.”

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