Patent Relief for T Mobile and Blackberry

Relief all round in London this month for Blackberry and T Mobile to name just 2 ! as the patent infringement claim brought by Inpro Licensing relating to the supply of Blackberry devices ended with dismay for the Luxembourg holding company.

 The High Court decided in favour of the Defendants and invalidated the Inpro’s patent (EP 0892947). The Patent allowed for quicker access to servers on the Internet thereby reducing the processing power used by devices. The use of a “proxy server” was essential to the workings of the process. The Defendants successfully revoked the Patent on the grounds that it was invalid for lack of novelty and obviousness.

Mr Justice Pumfrey held that all the claims in issue were either obvious or lacking in novelty. Â

The Patent dispute concerning Blackberry devices have been doing the rounds and there has been a certain amount of forum shopping by the Claimant as it seeks to enforce the Patent across the EC. Perhaps now it will have to rethink its strategy.

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