Patent Office To Streamline Applications Procedure

The UK Patent Office has launched a consultation to reduce the amount of time businesses spend on trade mark, patent and design registration.

The process is currently quite laborious in terms of the amount of paperwork that must be filed in order to obtain intellectual property protection. Therefore the organisation is seeking comments and suggestions from intellectual property law professionals and innovators in order to make the procedure more efficient.

Under the current proposals the consultation intends to:

· Amalgamate forms to encompass alterations to all intellectual property rights – currently owners wishing to alter ownership, name and address, agent details etc, must fill out a separate form for each intellectual property right.

· Increase the capacity of each form, so as to reduce the total number of forms.

· Make more forms available for download on the Patent Office Website.

· Standardise the appearance of the forms generally.

· Improve the clarity of the forms.

Comments and suggestions can be submitted until 1st February 2006.

For more information see: Consultation Paper (20-page / 151KB PDF)

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