Patent Application

A patented invention is recorded in what is known simply as a patent document. A patent document must contain:

  • Firstly it needs to include a description of the invention. This description can include drawings and must be in enough detail so that a person skilled in the relevant area of technology can ‘perform’ the invention.
  • Secondly the claims. These claims define the scope of protection of the patent, when interpreting these claims the description will also be taken into account.

In the UK a patent application is based on a document which is known as the specification. This document contains the description of the patent as mentioned above, when you apply for the patent you should ensure that you put all the neccessary detail in the specifications as they cannot be amended once the application has been filed.

Once a patent has been granted it is important to keep up to date with renewal payments as if they are not made then the patent rights will end.

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