Parts of the CPR that do not apply to the small claims track

By CPR 27.2 the following do not apply to claims allocated to the small claims track:

  1. Part 25 which covers interim remedies except as it relates to interim injunctions.
  2. Part 31 which covers disclosure and inspection.
  3. Part 32 and 33 which relates to evidence and other rules on evidence. The court retains its power as to controlling evidence.
  4. Part 35 (experts and assessors) except rules 35.1 (duty to restrict expert evidence), 35.3 (experts – overriding duty to the court), 35.7 (court’s power to direct that evidence is to be given by single joint expert) and 35.8 (instructions to a single joint expert).
  5. Part 18 (further information) however the court may order a part to provide information that it considers appropriate to do so.
  6. Part 36.
  7. Part 39 (hearings) except rule 39.2 (general rule – hearing to be in public).

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