Pan European patent plan is supported by the European Parliament

Plans to create a pan European patent system have received qualified support from the European Parliament but are still doubted by politicians who are worried about the cost of patents and accountability of a Europe-wide patent office.

Internal markets commissioner Charlie McCreevy had comprised on his original proposal of a European Patent Litigation Agreement in order to have it through the parliament.

The comprise text “allows for talks on the EPLA to continue but does not endorse all of McCreevy’s plans”. Ten days ago some of the major political groups within the European Parliament, including the conservative EPP-ED, the social democratic PES and the libertarian ALDE, agreed on the comprise text.

The parties control around 550 of the Parliament’s 732 seats. The adoption of the text was passed in the end by 494 votes to 109.

“Nobody can seriously claim victory or concede defeat based on today’s parliamentary decision, which keeps all options open for the future,” said Mueller of the decision.

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